My daughters bring me great joy and really enrich my life...

Madeline Grage Hoyt April 2013 - 8 yrs 

Madeline is as diverse and amazing as she is beautiful.  She is full of energy and thinks outside the box like no kid I have ever seen.  Her unique perspective on life and the connections she makes between events, relationships, and ideas continues to surprise and challenge me.  She is very athletic, climbing trees like a monkey, catching balls like a superstar, and all while retaining her sweet princess persona.  She has amazing rhythm and is taking drumming lessons with our friend Jonathan from church.  She continues with her piano, French, but her favorite extracurricular activity is drawing which like her father she is very talented.  Her ability to discern how things work and her analytic view of the world helps her to be a great problem solver which gives her a unique propensity to invent.  I have no doubt she will bring that creative inventive spirit to any career she chooses which right now is engineering and science.

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About the Hoyts

Steve is a Construction Manager and Architect with eMi EA serving the Lord Jesus Christ in Uganda Africa.

Melinda and the girls are dedicated to learning and growing in love and grace through home school activities and community bible study with the ladies and children of Uganda.

About eMi EA

engineering Ministries international East Africa

The vision of eMi is to glorify God by offering hope to the spiritually and physically poor.

eMi EA's mission is to glorify God by exemplifying Christ's love to the spiritually and physically impoverished of East Africa by developing suitable facilities. We partner with Christian organizations in the planning, design and implementation of building projects which directly and effectively meet the tangible and spiritual needs of the people they serve. We use our God-given technical and spiritual gifts to enrich the lives of the people with whom we serve.