Wednesday, July 23, 2008

1st order of window and door lumber called “Mugavu” arrived Friday. Amount shown represents 1/8th of our actual “Phase 1” need.

It was legally cut near the Rwenzori Mountains (Eastern Uganda at the DRC border)…though it was farm grown, thus the mountain gorillas remain safe, the rains prevented the truck from getting within 2 miles of the source. So after using chain saws to cut down and rough cut the sizes shown the men carried around 250 - 12” x 2” x 7 foot and 25 - 12” x 2” x 14 foot pieces the two miles on their heads to the truck. Ironically the delivery truck lost a wheel 400 feet from the container shown. So using the ministries Toyota Hilux we loaded 19 - 7 footers at a time (or 6 – 14 footers) and moved them the remaining 400 feet. They were amazingly heavy…yes I helped carry, load and unload.

Depending on whom you ask it will take 3 months to 1 year to air dry. Since this is not nearly fast enough we will convert the container behind into a “charcoal & fan/natural air” kiln dryer. Hopefully this will drastically decrease that time.

The furnace will be built using some of the clay bricks that were not acceptable for construction. We will build it partly below ground level and the remaining parts, including the chimney, will be buried in a mound of dirt above ground. Air will naturally flow up hill (via a shallow brick lined tunnel) in order to fuel the charcoal fire inside.

The slightly inclined brick chimney will give the heat and smoke its only opportunity to escape the furnace; into the container.

Two holes will be cut at the far end of the container. They will be small enough such that a would-be thief cannot pull the timber out. It will also be small enough such that the two fans blowing the moisture out also cannot be taken. When there is no electricity, since the holes will be toward the containers top, nature should take its course.

A metal awning will be welded in place to keep the rains out.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Sophia has decided to diversify her investments… just incase

Trust Jesus

He’s the King of kings

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Site Inspection

A typical day at the job site. The girls are learning to build and to point and talk just like Daddy and the foremen Mr. Richard and Mr. Lawrence. They were really cute as they began building their own houses for goats and chickens right next to the site where all the workmen were really working hard on the school block. Sophia came to me to show me just how she had been so careful to make all her angles right angles. She really does listen to her dad and is learning a lot about construction.

Steve and Richard discuss the days activities at the job site. Steve does a walk through most every day, measuring and making sure that the walls are plumb, the corners are all set at the right angles and the windows are located correctly. He has to insure all materials are delivered and accounted for so as to prevent any slowdowns on the project. He is the liaison between the foremen and the building committee managing schedule, quality, and accountability on building project. This is no small task as this is an all cash society.

And he said he would never climb Ugandan scaffolding... Anything for God! Any OSHA conscious individuals should avert your eyes as these pictures show Steve measuring and checking for level at 10+ feet up on eucalyptus pole scaffolding held together with nails and rope.

"All for Him my precious Savior, I surrender all"

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hoyt Family Ministries in Uganda

It is our hope that this blog space allows for a real and active way to keep you our family, friends, supporters, and prayer partners up to date on all the activities with our ministry to Uganda through engineering Ministries international. We have for sometime been technologically challenged and we hope are up to the task of updating this blog regularly but as usual please have mercy for our internet is slow and inconsistent. Also please note that the best way to contact us is always directly via email at either or

Steve is working diligently on Music For Life Primary School building project while the children and I are still consumed with living a life of learning and growing through Home School and Community Bible Study with both the women and children in our area.

Your Sister In Christ,
Melinda Hoyt

About the Hoyts

Steve is a Construction Manager and Architect with eMi EA serving the Lord Jesus Christ in Uganda Africa.

Melinda and the girls are dedicated to learning and growing in love and grace through home school activities and community bible study with the ladies and children of Uganda.

About eMi EA

engineering Ministries international East Africa

The vision of eMi is to glorify God by offering hope to the spiritually and physically poor.

eMi EA's mission is to glorify God by exemplifying Christ's love to the spiritually and physically impoverished of East Africa by developing suitable facilities. We partner with Christian organizations in the planning, design and implementation of building projects which directly and effectively meet the tangible and spiritual needs of the people they serve. We use our God-given technical and spiritual gifts to enrich the lives of the people with whom we serve.