Monday, April 14, 2014

Hannah Bannana Matooke Grace Hoyt

Hannah is now 5 and is so amazingly intelligent and very interested in her own independence.  If her 11 year old sisters can do it she sees no reason why she should not be able to and is completely surprised that anyone would disagree with this theory.  She is reading starter books now and loves to "do" school.  She works through workbooks faster than I can keep up.  I need to up my homeschooling game to stay ahead of this one.  She loves having tea and watching Tom and Jerry.  Her most recent accomplishment is riding a bike and finally getting one of her front teeth to come in (took almost a year) - we had started calling her "toothless" like on How to Train Your Dragon.  She is as destructive as a night fury too.  But also just as loyal and loving a friend.  Great kid, can't wait to see what happens next.

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About the Hoyts

Steve is a Construction Manager and Architect with eMi EA serving the Lord Jesus Christ in Uganda Africa.

Melinda and the girls are dedicated to learning and growing in love and grace through home school activities and community bible study with the ladies and children of Uganda.

About eMi EA

engineering Ministries international East Africa

The vision of eMi is to glorify God by offering hope to the spiritually and physically poor.

eMi EA's mission is to glorify God by exemplifying Christ's love to the spiritually and physically impoverished of East Africa by developing suitable facilities. We partner with Christian organizations in the planning, design and implementation of building projects which directly and effectively meet the tangible and spiritual needs of the people they serve. We use our God-given technical and spiritual gifts to enrich the lives of the people with whom we serve.